Tweaking the Z offset

Tweaking the Z offset is done slightly differently with Cartographer compared to using a standard probe, for example, with Cartographer you can't use `PROBE_CALIBRATE` to fine tune the offset, as that will reset the 0 point, so you need to tweak it manually.

Klipper Screen

Unfortunatly, due to the way Cartographer works, we advise against doing this via Klipper Screen, as we have seen some sporadic outputs.


If you are using more than just the default cartographer model, you will have to load which ever model you want to make the adjustment too, you do this using the following command, replacing the NAME=hot, with what ever model you are selecting i.e. NAME=sparklybed


You can adjust your Z Offset in Mainsail using the Z-Offset section of the Toolhead pane.

after making the neccessary adjustments press the SAVE button

And then press SAVE CONFIG

Once complete, your Z offset change should be evident under model_offset: under the specific model which was loaded. NOTE - You will have to adjust the offset for each model you use.

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