Useful Macros

This page features some community suggested useful macros that work well with the Cartographer probe.

Smart Quad Gantry Level

If your gantry has a tendancy to sag after a power cyclle, it is advisable to use a Macro like this to replace your standard Quad Gantry Level Macro. This will do a single round where it adjusts the gantry to make it reasonably level, before then performing a more optimum QGL.

[gcode_macro Carto_QGL] # safer and faster QGL for Cartographer
    G28 # or use a conditional or safe homing
    QUAD_GANTRY_LEVEL horizontal_move_z=10 retries=0 retry_tolerance=1.000
    QUAD_GANTRY_LEVEL horizontal_move_z=3
    G28 Z

Bed mesh without Heater

If you have problems with interference in your bed mesh scans, add this macro, it will turn off the heater while you're scanning.

[gcode_macro BED_MESH_CALIBRATE]
rename_existing: _BED_MESH_CALIBRATE
    {% set TARGET_TEMP = %}
    M140 S0
    _BED_MESH_CALIBRATE {rawparams}

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