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Here are a couple of useful links to guides or sites that we recommend.

Esoterical's CANBus Guide

Esoterical's CANBus guide is an outstanding, and well documented guide on all things CANBus. It's extremely clear, well written and easy to follow with detailed checkpoints and "stop" signs for where neccessary.

If you are having issues with your CANBus network, or are setting it up for the first time, please check this out.

Eric Zimmerman's OS Upgrade Guide

As he puts it, Numpy got you down? Do you hate Python 3? Crowsnest blues? Then Eric Zimmerman's guide will help you solve any issues upgrading your Raspbery Pi and Klipper Installation to where you need it to be.

Click here to check it out

Ellis' Print Tuning Guide

An outstanding guide to help you tune and calibrate your printer. It truely is a true A to Z guide and works with most common printers.

A Better Print_Start Macro by jontek2

A better Print_Start macro is a great resource to imporve your print_start macro, it is detailed, verl well documented. With this macro you will be able to pass variables such as print temps and chamber temps to your print_start macro. By doing so you will be able to automatically start a heatsoak and customize your printer's behaviour. The heatsoak will start when you've sliced a print with a bed temp higher than 90c. It will then heatsoak to your set chamber temp. If no chamber temp is set it will fall back to the macro's standard chamber temp of 40c. Check here to check it out

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