Creality K1/Max Probe Installation

How to configure the probe orientation and PCB layout for the installation

Cartographer for Creality K1 & K1 Max

The modification replaces the hit or miss prtouch bed leveling system of the K1 and K1 Max, introducing a new lightning fast way to mesh your entire bed in seconds at incredible resolution.

All instructions below are for implementation on the K1 and K1 Max stock toolhead and mainboard.


  1. 1x - Cartographer Flat Pack (USB)

  2. 1x - 1.5m USB A Cable

  3. 5x - M2 Heat inserts (Standard) 3.6mm OD 4.0mm L

  4. 2x - M3 Heat Inserts (Standard) 4.6mm OD 5.7mm L

  5. 2x - M3x8 BHCS

  6. 2x - M2x10 or M2x8 BHCS

  7. 3x - M2x6 BHCS

  8. 1x - ~0.25m total of 26-30 AWG stranded silicone wire

  9. Tools

    1. H2.0 Allen Key (M3 BHCS)

    2. H1.5 Allen Key (M2 SHCS)

  1. Insert M2 & M3 heated inserts into the housing as shown

  1. Secure coil board (nubs down) to the housing using M3x8 BHCS or low profile M3 screw

  1. Solder the connector onto the silkscreened surface of the cartographer mainboard.

  1. Solder 4 equal length wires to the chipset board

  1. Secure cartographer chipset board into the housing by attaching the cover w/ M2x6 BHCS

  1. Feed wire through the wire channel (not shown), and solder the other end of the wire to the coil board 1:1 as shown

  1. Secure the Cartographer housing to the toolhead via M2x8 or M2x10 BHCS

Run a usb from the bottom of the printer, either plugged into the front USB (not recommended) or re-terminated to the 4 pin JST PH into one of the 3 USB mainboard headers, to the Cartographer 4 pin JST PH. The JST connector on the cartographer end need to be repinned as shown below:

Red: 5V | White: D- | Green: D+ | Black: GND

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